26 October 2022

Introducing Fimio

Hey there, everyone!

This is Omoju, and today, I am excited to introduce Fimio to you. Fimio has raised $2.19 million seed round led by Neo, with Redpoint Ventures, Protocol Labs, The House Fund, also contributing, and some dream angels like Nat Friedman and more. At Fimio, we focus on creating trust enhancing developer tools for Web3.

Why We’re Building Fimio

There are two things that drive me: lowering the barriers to the production of technical work, and increasing access to capital for all people. With recent breakthroughs in big language models in machine learning, it is clear that we are well on our way towards achieving the former. With regards to increasing access to capital for all people, we are not there yet. However, the protocols that have emerged in Web3, give us an opportunity to build robust systems, and these systems can give permissionless access to capital to all people, no matter their income or geography. But before we build those systems, we need to tackle the challenge of trust. And that is why I am building Fimio - to bring trust to the trustless web.

Web3 needs to be a safer, more trusted place for users to engage. At Fimio, our goal is to be the trust layer for Web3. To do this we are building a company tackling the twin evils of fraud and coordination problems.

I’ve pulled together a strong team with backgrounds in software security and AI. Together, we deeply understand how trust and reputation are a critical and necessary part of creating a sustainable ecosystem in Web3. We also know that we can weave our ecosystem in a way that benefits all participants. #WAGMI

Fimio, our mission is to bring trust to the trustless web.

About Us

I started my academic career just as the web was taking off. In fact, the reason I became a Computer Scientist was because of my interest in the web. Since then I have spent time at planetary scale companies like Google and GitHub–the most important platform for permissionless, decentralized, technical work, on the planet. And in my time as Technical Advisor to the CEO at GitHub, it became clear to me that crypto-economic systems and what we generally call Web3 will play a very significant role in accelerating human progress. I chose to be at the fore front of that change.

What’s coming next:

We are launching an alpha of our first product, an ML-trained fraud detection API. Powered with the Fimio API, Web3 builders will go beyond blacklists. We can’t wait for you to see it.

If you are interested in trying our product, or want to connect to learn more, drop us a line at hello@fimio.xyz.

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