03 March 2023

Fimio Day 3 @ EthDenver

Bufficorn oh Bufficorn! The Fimio hummingbird was super eager to hang out with the Bufficorn. But it seemed the Bufficorn was complete overwhelmed! Our first day at the Spork Castle was … what is the right way to put this … hmm … let’s just say we could have had a better experience if there was Wi-Fi in the castle as well as cell signal.

With that said, the word of the day was community, community, community!!! The uniquely great thing about being part of an online community like Ethereum is that our bonds deepen by spending time with each other in meat space. Fimio frens @ThirdWeb, @AdamleeBG hosted a lovely seat down dinner.


We were able to connect with old frens and make new frens. As time goes on, I have come to realize that when these types of gatherings happen, we often end up talking more than the tech that we are building and last night was no exception. Our conversation ranged from gardening and homesteading, to prioritizing time with loved ones as a startup founder, to practices that enhance nomadic life.

One of the highlights of the night was meeting the folxs behind, Optic; a Web3 content recognition engine that can be used for NFT authentication. Like the Fimio team, Optic uses large-scale ML to build its engine. Whenever we see projects in the space that have similar ambition as Fimio, in the spirit of #WAGMI, we like to amplify them.

To conclude Fimio’s day 3 at EthDenver was spent deepening the bonds of community IRL. Till tomorrow frens.

In case you missed it, you can see our Day 1 and Day 2 recap here.

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