28 March 2023

Announcing Fimio’s Malicious Smart Contract Detection Alpha 0.0.1 Release

We are thrilled to share what we have been working on with you, and are so excited to announce that Fimio’s API for smart contract fraud detection is here! :tada: The alpha 0.0.1 is live! Request access here.

Developing and reviewing smart contracts can be a complex and time consuming process, even for experienced developers. Thousands of lines of code, not all of it readable, with opportunities for malicious actions hiding all over the place–we hated it and knew there had to be a better way. So we built it!

With our API, developers can quickly input Ethereum smart contract addresses and return a trust score allowing them to identify if the contract is trustworthy or not. No more worries about malicious actors, and hidden loopholes.

Here are a few key features:

  • Improve composability: Fimio allows users to combine code in web3 in a safe and truly permissionless way. With the Malicious Smart Contract Detection API, developers can feel confident building complex architectures knowing the Fimio API is a checkpoint that will identify whether they should proceed with connecting safely to a smart contract.

  • Easy and direct: our API is designed to allow fraud detection to be done in code, programmed straight into applications rather than running separate simulations

  • Human readable: get information about smart contract validity without having to work in byte code; work exclusively in human readable language!

  • Simple to use: Fimio’s API uses one input and gives you all of the information. Give it an address of a contract, and get a confidence score.

🏃Getting started
Head over to our website to learn more! You can also read the guide here for instructions on how to use, and how to request a key.

📝 Feedback
We do this for developers, and a huge part of the process is hearing from you about what is needed. Feedback from the community, developer involvement in trying and testing the alpha, and documentation, is crucial to be able to make improvements to the quality of our project and features.

Please use our GitHub repository to connect with us and contribute to feedback!

We are so excited to see our users interacting with the API, and we can’t wait to see the transformative impact this will have on the blockchain industry. Ready to get started? Request access here!

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