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Fimio API Alpha 0.0.1 with Data Supported by Spice AI

Fimio's Malicious Smart Contract API: Protecting Your Web3 Applications with Data Provided by Spice AI Read More

29 March 2023

Announcing Fimio’s Malicious Smart Contract API Alpha 0.0.1 Release

With Fimio, you focus on writing the code, and we will focus on giving you the information you need to safely build complex architectures. Read More

28 March 2023

A Developer's Small EthDenver Retrospective

Conference-scale events like EthDenver are important. They are the center everyone is drawn into and the center out of which numerous different smaller events emerge. But while it might be the big things that bring us together, I believe it's the small things that keep us going. Read More

Joshua Iokua
09 March 2023

Fimio Day 4 @ EthDenver

Hello Frens, we are back with our day 4 recap of EthDenver. And the word of the day for us was ceramic security. Bear with me and it will all make sense. Read More

04 March 2023

Fimio Day 3 @ EthDenver

Bufficorn oh Bufficorn! The Fimio hummingbird was super eager to hang out with the Bufficorn. But it seemed the Bufficorn was complete overwhelmed! Read More

03 March 2023

Fimio Day 2 @ EthDenver

GM Frens! Day 2 for the Fimio team at EthDenver was filled with all thing decentralized machine learning. Read More

02 March 2023