Our mission is to bring trust to the trustless web

As a firm believer in opensource technologies and an early adopter of crypto, our founder, Omoju, saw the long term potential for web3 to lower barriers to technical work and increase access to capital for people across the world. The biggest issue standing in the way of that success was lack of a trust or reputation mechanism that allowed for folks to interact on web3 with confidence. There had to be a clear way to identify and inform people of potential frauds and scams, and attach solid reputations to entities in the network–so, using deep knowledge of machine learning and permissionless systems, Fimio was founded!

Our team comes from backgrounds in open source, AI, and planetary scale companies, and we believe in the importance of permissionless, decentralized work. At Fimio, we deeply understand how trust and reputation are a critical and necessary part of creating a sustainable ecosystem in Web3. We also know that we can weave our ecosystem in a way that benefits all participants.

The Team

Omoju Miller

Founder and CEO

Charlyn Glenn


Josh Iokua Albano


Sushma Chakravadhanula