Web3 needs to be a safer, more trusted place for users to engage. At Fimio, our goal is to be
the trust layer for Web3

With Fimio, safely unlock the power of web3 development by permissionless-ly composing smart contracts via our fraud detection API.

Our Product

Leverage the power of machine learning to validate the legitimacy of smart contracts on Ethereum

Enter a smart contract address, and the Fimio API (alpha 0.0.1) will return a trust score for that contract, allowing developers to identify if the contract is trustworthy or not. No more worries about malicious actors, hidden loopholes, or vulnerabilities.

What does the score capture?

The score returned provides a level of confidence for the security and legitimacy of the contract, and lies in the range from 0 to 1; where a score of 1 is bad or malicious, and a score of 0 means no malicious patterns detected in the code. Any score between 0 and 1 is the level at which the model believes the smart contract is safe or not.

Designed for Developers

Fimio allows users to combine code in web3 in a safe and truly permissionless way

With the Malicious Smart Contract API, developers can feel confident building complex architectures knowing they can use the Fimio API as a permissionless checkpoint for connecting safely to a smart contract. Add Fimio as one of the building blocks used when composing dApps.

Improve composability

Fimio allows users to combine code in web3 in a safe and truly permissionless way. With the malicious smart contract API, developers can feel confident building complex architectures knowing the Fimio API is a checkpoint that will identify whether they should proceed with connecting safely to a smart contract.

Human readable

Get information about smart contract validity without having to work in byte code; work exclusively in human readable language!

Simple to use

Fimio’s API uses one input and gives you all of the information. Give it an address of a contract, and get a confidence score.

Easy and direct

Our API is designed to allow fraud detection to be done in code, programmed straight into applications rather than running separate simulations.

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